Permit Reimbursements For University Remote Status

Permit holders will not be expected to pay for parking while the university is in remote status. Depending on your permit type and method of payment, PTS will reimburse you by the methods below. Reimbursements and suspension of payroll deduction are occurring, and no further action is required. The increased demand on the university accounting department during this time may result in reimbursements issued slower than the usual estimated four-week period. We understand the importance of getting funds back to our customers and are working diligently to make this happen as quickly as possible. 

Faculty and Staff

Permits on Payroll Deduction 

PTS is working to stop parking permit fees from being deducted from your pay while the university is in remote status. In addition to those working remotely, this information applies to employees whose jobs require them to work on campus full time or as needed.  April’s pay will not have a parking permit fee deduction. If the university remains in remote status beyond this, additional deductions will be stopped. Once you return to campus, your permit and access will work as before. 

Permits NOT on Payroll Deduction 

If your permit is not on payroll deduction, PTS is working on reimbursing you for the period the university is in remote status. The current reimbursement will cover the period between March 13 through May 13, 2020. Your reimbursement will come to you either as a check from the university in an amount equivalent to two months of parking or as a direct deposit. Depending on the time the university remains in remote status, additional reimbursements may be issued. 


All student permits are being deactivated, and reimbursements are being issued. Please ensure you have an updated "Permanent Address" on UT Direct. If you do not have direct deposit, a reimbursement check will be mailed to this address. Provided your eligibility remains the same, you can repurchase your permit upon your return at a prorated price based on the date. Refunded S permit holders will still be given the chance to renew for their location during the next available renewal period. R Permit holders will need to enter the R Permit Lottery to get an R permit this fall. 

All Other Permit Holders and Parking Fees

PTS is working on the best approach for all other permit types not listed as well as any related parking fees during the university’s remote status. We will communicate the plan for these in the future. 

Where Is My Reimbursement?

If you are not on payroll deduction and do not have direct deposit, you will receive a reimbursement check. You can track the status of your check depending on if you used What I Owe or other payment options for your permit.

Non-What I Owe Payments

Faculty, staff, and students who paid for their permits by cash, check, credit card, etc. can log in with their EID to check the status of their reimbursement check at Where's My Check?. If you do not see a reimbursement there, it has not been processed yet. Please be patient, as there are a large number of reimbursements being processed.

What I Owe Payments

To check on the status of your reimbursement from What I Owe, email to verify your mailing address.