2022-23 Student Permit Prices

Parking and Transportation Services is a self-funded department that receives no funds for parking from the university or the state. Fees are collected for all those who park on campus to help cover the costs associated with providing parking. Permit prices are set by the Parking and Traffic Policy Committee.

  • 2022-23 parking permit rates have been updated to meet operating and resource costs.
  • The university offers low-cost parking and alternative transportation options for students.

Low-Cost Student Parking Options

  • East Campus Garage (ECG) Permits - garage east of I-35 with a convenient Route 641 (East Campus) shuttle stop nearby and free bike storage for permit holders
  • Student Parking Perks - discounted per-use garage parking for non-dorm residents
  • C Permits - remote surface lot parking
  • N and N+ Permits - evening and weekend only permits for those using alternative transportation during the day

Alternative Transportation Options

  • UT Shuttle - 10 routes free with your UT ID, including circulator routes to and from remote parking
  • Capital Metro - 50+ routes across Austin and beyond, free with your UT ID
  • Bicycles - register yours or rent one
  • Electric Scooters - for those living near campus, or commuters bridging the last mile to campus
  • Capital Metro Park and Ride - ride into campus from remote parking free with your UT ID, no permit required
  • Carpools - get discounted permits, free garage parking, and access to reserved spaces with your registered carpool
July 5, 2022