East Mall Bike Rack Relocations

Starting at noon on Friday, November 8, five bicycle racks on the East Mall will be removed from space permanently reserved for student tabling. The racks will be relocated to others areas on the East Mall.

The racks to be removed are:

  • The rack immediately west of the Martin Luther King Jr. statue, with the E.P Schoch (EPS) building to the northwest and the Bernard Rapoport (BRB) building to the southwest, and
  • Four racks directly west of the East Mall fountain, with the Jackson School of Geosciences (JGB) to the north and Patton Hall (RLP) and Powers Student Activity Center (WCP) to the south.

All bikes must be removed from these areas. Bicycles left will be considered abandoned on Friday, November 8, at noon.

Any remaining bicycles are subject to impoundment by Parking and Transportation Services at the owner’s expense.

Oct. 30, 2019