Faculty/Staff fall parking permit renewals, purchases, and deadlines

UT Austin Staff and Faculty,

With active 2021-2022 parking permits expiring August 16, 2022, permit renewals and open sales for the fall will begin soon. Parking options to help serve faculty and staff with permit renewals, new permit purchases, and occasional parking are listed below.

Last Chance to Renew

The following individuals will have the opportunity to renew their F permit for the fall:

  • Those who held their F permit space - They had an F permit as of March 13, 2020 and no other permit type since and enrolled in the Occasional Parking Program for Employees
  • Those who had an F permit for the 2021-2022 academic year

This will be the last chance for F permit holders to renew. Those who held their F permit space using the Occasional Parking Program will no longer be able to hold that space. F permits not renewed by August 31 will be forfeited, and spaces will be offered to those on the waitlist.

Fall Permit Renewals

Emails will be sent to those who are eligible to renew their permit on the following schedule:

  • F01-F05 (Brazos Garage, Manor Garage, San Antonio Garage, San Jacinto Garage, 27th Street Garage): Permit renewals open July 12
  • F06-F09, F0W-F0Z (Conference Center Garage, East Campus Garage, Guadalupe Garage, Health Center Garage, Rowling Hall Garage, Speedway Garage, Trinity Garage): Permit renewals open July 14
  • F11-F99 (surface lot parking): Permit renewals open July 18
  • A, AN, AN+, D, D+, M, N, and N+ (surface lot parking, ADA parking, Motorcycle parking): Permit renewals open August 1

Permit holders will not be able to purchase or renew their permit early. Access will not open until the email renewal dates.

The deadline to renew F permits for the fall is August 31. If you miss the renewal deadline for an F permit that is not waitlisted (see permit table under "How to purchase"), you can still purchase the permit after the deadline.

All other faculty/staff permit types do not have a renewal deadline and can be purchased at any time for a pro-rated price.

For instructions on how to renew permits, see Faculty/Staff Permit Renewal & Purchase Instructions.

New Permit Purchases

For those who need a permit for the fall who are not renewing, eligible faculty and staff can purchase A, D, D+, M, N, and N+ as well as available F garage permits online through My Parking Profile beginning on August 1.

Most F permits are waitlisted. For those interested in getting a permit for a waitlisted location, see the F Permit Waitlist page for information.

For instructions on how to purchase permits, see Faculty/Staff Permit Renewal & Purchase Instructions.

License Plate Registration

Permit holders must register their license plate through My Parking Profile. License plate registration will be used to determine permit status. There is no permit to display (unless permit holders have an O, F14, F21, F97, F98, or F99 permit). Enforcement will be by license plate only, even if there is a permit on display. Permit holders may register up to three vehicles, but only one registered plate can be parked on campus at any given time. Permit holders are responsible for keeping their registered plates current through My Parking Profile. Failure to register a license plate may result in citations.

Occasional Parking

The Occasional Parking Program for Employees is a low-cost parking alternative for staff and faculty who need occasional access to the university garages. For just $5 per day, staff and faculty can access participating garages with the ability to enter and exit the garage throughout the day at no additional cost. This program offers the opportunity for substantial discounts from the regular garage daily rate. This option is ideal for those who will be parking in garages fewer than three times per week.

Other Transportation Options

For other transportation options such as Capital Metro and UT Shuttles, car and van pools, bicycles, and electric scooter information, visit the Transportation page.


Permit information is also being emailed to students and is available to them on the PTS website.

July 5, 2022