Faculty/Staff Parking permit and enforcement update

Dear UT Austin Faculty and Staff,

As our Interim President Jay Hartzell discussed in his June 12 message to UT Austin Staff, what all of us are doing as units and individuals is evolving as we plan carefully for the gradual re-opening of campus. Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) continues to refine our plan for parking, recognizing that some staff are working on campus now or will be in coming weeks, and that others may not return until sometime in the fall semester or after—or not at all. This communication addresses adjustments to our previous messaging about summer renewals emailed on June 5, 2020, as well as more information about what to expect regarding permit renewal for fall 2020.

Here are the key points to note. They are explained in more detail via a series of links below.

  • Whether you completed the initial permit survey from June 5 or not, everyone parking on campus for the summer will need to go to My Parking Profile and use the “Buy Annual” button for your permit type before parking on campus. Purchasing a summer permit is not required to receive a fall renewal. To be eligible for payroll deduction you must complete this process by June 21, 2020.
  • Everyone parking on campus between June 22 and August 18, 2020 will need to print and display a dashboard permit. The permit is found at the completion of the summer renewal section of My Parking Profile under the Cars tab. Use the button labeled “Print Temp Permit.”  This will be your summer permit and will be valid from purchase through August 18, 2020.
  • If you will not be parking on campus between June 22 and Aug. 18, no further action is required. If you completed the June 5 parking survey but do not purchase via My Parking Profile your summer permit will be automatically deactivated by PTS. If you have taken no action towards renewing your permit and do not need summer parking then nothing further is required. Your permit remains deactivated and you will continue to not be charged. You will keep your current permit option for the fall academic renewal; you will not lose that option for the fall.
  • Parking enforcement resumes June 22 (instead of June 19). Enforcement will be respectful based on the delays of getting this communication to campus. Daily parking fees will be applied in all university garages and meters will be active.
  • You can also consider daily parking rates if you do not want to pay for a permit during this period.
  • In mid-July, PTS will share information about how to buy a permit for the academic year that begins Aug. 19. You will have several weeks to decide what type of permit, if any, you wish to buy, and by that time you should expect to have more clear guidance from your supervisor about your work location for the academic year.

The following links will provide detailed information based on your particular situation.

  • If you have already completed the survey to reactivate your summer permit and NEED to park on campus from June 22 through Aug. 18, click here.
  • If you have completed the survey and reactivated your permit for the summer but no longer need it, click here.
  • If you have a permit and have NOT completed the survey to reactivate your permit for the summer, but have a need to park on campus between June 22 and Aug. 18, click here.
  • If you have already purchased your permit in full instead of using payroll deduction, click here.
  • If you do not have a current permit but need one, click here.
  • If you have occasional need for campus parking, click here

Fall parking permit renewals:

Please look for your fall parking renewal the week of July 14. When the renewal information comes out, you will have several weeks to make a permit decision and you can seek guidance from your supervisor about the work location for the fall semester. Permits not renewed for the fall will be forfeited, and spaces will be offered to those on our wait list. 

For more information, visit the PTS web page regarding enforcement and permits. You may also email us

This information is also being emailed to students.

Thank you, 
Parking and Transportation Services

June 17, 2020