Geofencing to Govern Scooter Accelerations on Campus Begins March 26

Dear UT Community,

The University of Texas at Austin prioritizes the safety of our students, faculty, staff and visitors. In addition to recent recommendations by a campus workgroup that have been implemented by Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) to create parameters around scooter use on campus, the university has been working closely with scooter companies to govern scooter acceleration as precautionary measures designed for the safety of everyone on our main campus.

Beginning tomorrow, Bird, Jump, Lime and Lyft will use geofencing to implement a maximum acceleration of 8 mph on their scooters in defined areas of campus. Visit the PTS scooter page for a detailed map of campus areas where the 8 mph rule will apply. Riders should expect a change in scooter speed when entering and exiting the low speed zone. This is normal and not an indication of a scooter malfunction. Signage at major campus entry points will alert riders approaching a speed zone location.

In addition, PTS and the scooter companies continue to recommend all users remain mindful of their surroundings when operating scooters and encourage these tips:

For additional, detailed information regarding scooter rules, parking tips, guidelines, safety recommendations and a map of the designated scooter parking areas, visit the scooter page and follow updates on Twitter at @utaustinparking

March 25, 2019