Scooter Fleets Roll onto Campus – Follow Safety Rules

With the recent influx of electric scooters in Austin, a large number are finding their way to our campus. California-based companies, LimeBike and Bird, have released more than 200 electric scooters in the last couple of weeks, and the Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) team has received inquiries. PTS does not oversee this program, but we are working with the City of Austin as it looks into how to manage the new dockless transportation. 

One of our primary concerns is whether these scooters will cause unsafe obstruction areas on campus. So, PTS would like to offer a gentle reminder to students, faculty, and staff who utilize these scooters that they must be operated according to campus rules and regulations.

Campus rules to follow

  • Scooters may only be operated in areas where bicycle traffic is allowed
  • Scooters should not be operated on sidewalks unless traveling to or from a bicycle rack
  • Scooters should be operated at a low speed in the presence of pedestrians. The campus speed limit is 15 miles per hour, the maximum for all motorized vehicles
  • As a reminder, pedestrians have priority right of way and scooters are required to yield to pedestrian traffic

Parking guidelines

  • Scooters should be parked around bike racks across campus so they don't block access or impede pedestrian traffic. Please be mindful of where the scooter is parked in order to ensure that campus pathways remain accessible and safe for the entire university community
  • Also, scooters may not be parked in pedestrian pathways, vehicle parking spaces (including ADA), on ADA ramps, stairwells, inside buildings, doorways, or other areas where they block egress or ingress

PTS hopes to resolve related issues, such as efforts to avoid any impounds, and we encourage these safety guidelines to ensure our campus continues to have clear paths of travel that are easily accessible and safe. If we may be of further assistance, please email us your concern at

April 23, 2018