Scooters & After-Hours Transportation

UT Austin community,

Parking and Transportation Services would like to welcome everyone to campus, returning and new! Below is spring semester information about scooter safety and after-hours transportation options.

Scooters on Campus

Scooters are only allowed to operate where bicycles can, which means they should primarily be ridden in the street. Scooters are required to follow all traffic control devices such as stop signs, yield to pedestrians, and adhere to the campus speed limit. Other points to note:

  • Scooters should only park in designated areas or at bicycle racks.
  • There is a $150 impound fee for scooters that violate parking regulations related to university events or that are left in undesignated areas including doorways, ramps, stairways, or where they block ADA access or parking. This fee also applies to any scooter left on Speedway or the Main Mall.
  • All other scooter citations will result in a $75 fee.

Scooters can be an important part of the last mile transportation puzzle. Protect your right to continue to have scooters on campus by operating them safely, responsibly and by following all the scooter rules.

UT Night Rides

UT Night Rides, your after-hours rideshare home, has resumed service for the spring semester. UT Night Rides provides a Lyft away from campus between the hours of 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. free to UT community members. Visit the UT Night Rides page for more information.

Sure Walk

Sure Walk has also returned for the spring semester. Sure Walk provides walking companions or rides to UT community members upon request from the hours of 7 p.m. and 2 a.m. Sure Walk does not provide walks or rides starting FROM off or west campus locations. It does provide walks or rides TO off and west campus locations, provided they are within the service area and originate from an on-campus location. Sure Walk also provides walks or rides from any on-campus location to any on-campus location. Visit the Sure Walk page for more information.

Have a great start to your semester!
Parking and Transportation Services