Student Garage and Surface Permit Availability and Open Sales Date Information

Purchase available permits online through My Parking Profile.


2016 Summer Permits

  • R & S Permit Open Sales: ongoing

2016/2017 Annual and Fall Permits

  • S Permit Renewals: 7/12/16-7/27/16
  • S Permit Open Sales: Start 8/3/16 on a Staggered Schedule
    • Specific Garage Availability will be posted on 8/1/16
    • San Antonio Garage:    8am
    • Brazos Garage:            9am
    • 27th Street Garage:    10am
    • Speedway Garage:      11am
    • San Jacinto Garage:    12pm
    • Manor Garage:             2pm
    • Trinity Garage:             3pm
    • Guadalupe Garage:       4pm
  • R Lottery Entry: Projected 10am on 7/25/16 (Contigent on DHFS getting room assignments sent out prior to this date)
  • R Permit Open Sales: 10am on 8/15/16 (Specific garage avilability posted on 8/12/16.)

Other Student Permits

If you want an R or S permit, there is no need to buy a C or C+ Permit until the R Permit Lottery or S Permit sales have concluded. C and C+ Permits are sold year-round and we do not sell out of them. C, C+, N, and N+ permits are on sale now.


For faculty and staff permits, see Faculty/Staff Permit Availability page.

Locations and Hours

PTS Office
Trinity Parking Garage (TRG)
1815 Trinity St. (Map)

Open Monday - Friday
except official university holidays
Cashier Office: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Administrative Office: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Phone: 512-471-PARK (7275)
Fax: 512-232-9405
Twitter: @utaustinparking, @utshuttle, @bikeut