R Class Permit

The Garage R permit is available to any UT Austin student who has a UT Housing and Food Residence Hall contract. Garage permits offer the most convenient parking options for residence halls with many of our garages next to, or across the street from, university housing. R permits are valid only in the garage that they are purchased. For multiple garage parking options please see information about the N+ Permit.

Unlike the C permit, only limited numbers of R permits are sold, meaning that in general you should always be able to find a parking space. R parking is restricted to the upper level of the garages M-F, but a majority of the spaces available are covered. Nonetheless, you might be required to park on the roof at times during the term for your permit.

R permits are available in all eight of the university parking garages (garage location information). The R permit should provide parking for you in your assigned garage 24/7, with few exceptions. Occasionally, R permit holders may be relocated to accommodate large events. Advanced e-mail notifications will be sent and in general, you can expect to be relocated to another garage.

Annual or fall R permits are distributed through a random selection process and may be purchased for nine months or one semester. Permits purchased for the fall semester have a Web renewal option for the spring semester. All permits have renewal options for the summer. No R permits are renewed for the fall. R Random Selection Information

Occasionally, some of our garages may continue to have R permits available at the completion of the draw or between semesters. If this occurs we have open sales dates that are posted on the Web. See R Permit Availability.

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Parking and Transportation Regulations

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