How to Get an R Permit

2022-2023 R Permit Lottery Timeline

  Opens for Entry
at 10 a.m.
Entry Deadline Offers Made Offers Expire
Waitlist offers October 24 November 14 November 16 November 22
Fall to Spring Transfer Requests  October 24 November 14 November 16 November 22
Open sales for remaining permits November 28 ongoing N/A N/A

R Permit waitlist offers are time sensitive. Be sure to pay by the deadline communicated via email.

Do I qualify for an R permit?

If you are a UT Austin student living on campus in a dorm or residence (i.e., with a University Housing and Dining (UHD) contract), you qualify for an R permit. If you are a future dorm resident, you qualify for a future R permit once room assignments are made by UHD. Fall semester room assignments are typically made some time in mid-July.

Ok, I qualify. Now how do I apply for an R permit?

Follow these steps:

  1. After you get your room assignment from UHD (typically mid-July for the fall semester), you will automatically get an email with instructions on how to enter the R Permit Lottery. Make sure to follow the instructions and apply before the deadline posted in the email.
  2. Click the link in the "R Lottery" email you received and log on with your EID (university electronic identification issued during orientation).
  3. Enter up to three choices for garages where you want to park (check out recommendations for garages closest to your dorm). You should also enter your vehicle information including license plate, make, model, and color for any vehicles you may be driving.
  4. Another email will be sent with R permit offers to those picked in the lottery based on the schedule above.
  5. Make sure to follow the payment instructions and deadline posted in the "R Permit Offer" email. To secure your space, payment must be received to PTS prior to the deadline stated in your email. Payment may be mailed or paid by credit card online.


What if I didn't get the email to enter the R permit lottery?

You will not get the email until after room assignments are made. If you have received your room assignment and still did not receive an email on applying for the R Permit Lottery, enter the lottery online through My Parking Profile.

What if I entered the lottery and didn't get an R permit offer?

We will make at least two, possibly three (depending on availability), groups of offers. If you didn't get an offer during the first round, you shouldn't be concerned. While we can't make guarantees, over the past several years, we have been able to make some type of garage permit offer to everyone who enters the lottery. You may not get your first choice but we typically make offers in the general area of your housing.

What are my chances of getting into the garage I want?

Typically, Brazos Garage (BRG) and 27th Street Garage (TSG) are in highest demand and fill up first, followed by Speedway Garage (SWG). Guadalupe Garage (GUG) and Trinity Garage (TRG) have never filled up during the R Lottery period. Each year, we offer approximately 425 spaces in BRG, 50 in GUG, 75 in SAG, 55 in SJG, 150 in SWG, 400 in TRG, and 200 in TSG. Returning students have priority over incoming students in the selection process but the selection within the returning or incoming student groups is entirely random. While this lottery is weighted toward returning students, there should be spaces rewarded to incoming students. We highly recommend that you make multiple choices during the lottery process to increase the chance of you getting a parking assignment in the area close to your dorm.

What if I missed the lottery?

You can still get an R permit if you missed the lottery. During open sales, remaining R permits are on sale through My Parking Profile. We typically have remaining space in Trinity (TRG) and East Campus (ECG) Garages. Sales for these garages are ongoing throughout the year.