Construction Disruptions

Event Parking Disruptions

Traffic Flow Affected Permit Holders Affected Location Project Expected End Date
Yes O, F14 24th Street Near Inner Campus Drive. Kiosk / Sewer Line Project October 2019
No Bike Permits Speedway Plaza East Side of PCL Admissions Welcome Center Relocation Fall 2019
No A East Curb of San Jacinto Blvd near MLK   starts April 29, 2019

Sewer Line Project

The sewer line project from the Main Building to 24th Street will be moving into stage 2 next week.
* 24th Street between University Avenue and Whitis Avenue will be limited to parking only. No through access will be available.
* Whitis Avenue will remain a one-way street heading southbound onto Inner Campus Drive (ICD). O spaces along ICD will also remain as "back-in angled parking" because of the change in traffic flow. Lot F14 will still only be accessible from ICD.
* Campus should expect congestion and increased traffic along ICD as well as increased north and southbound traffic on Whitis Avenue and more east and westbound traffic along 24th Street before the Whitis Avenue intersection. Reduction in available parking near the Main Building is to be expected from the removal of spaces along Whitis Avenue and 24th Street.
* For safety, cyclists, pedestrians and electric scooter users should find alternative routes through 24th Street east and westbound.

This project is anticipated to be complete by the end of October 2019.

You can also view the Construction Advisory for the sewer project at This advisory offers additional information, including pedestrian pathways.


Admissions Welcome Center Relocation

Due to an ongoing construction project bike racks along Speedway Plaza near the east side of Perry Castañeda Library have been relocated. The racks have been relocated in around the Jester and 21st Street area. These should remain during the entirity of the project.

For more information on the project please visit :





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