Construction Disruptions

Event Parking Disruptions

Traffic Flow Affected Permit Holders Affected Location Project Expected End Date
X O Spaces North East Corner of MAI MAI Roof Repair January 31, 2019
X F 16  24th Street South Curb Texas Gas Services June 30, 2018

Phase 1: South Side of University

Phase 2: North Side of University

F 15  2500 University Blvd 2500 University Pothole Repair Phase 1: July 1st
Phase 2: July 16th

MAI Roof Repair

Beginning Thursday, May 31, 2018, there will be an extensive roofing project starting on the Main Building. This project will close three (3) “O” spaces for the duration of construction, which is currently scheduled to conclude Jan. 31, 2019. The closed spaces are located on the northeast corner of the Tower, just outside of the east courtyard. Please see map below.

The project contractor will have a mobile office and necessary materials in this location secured with fencing. The contractor has informed PMCS and PTS that no other “O” spaces will be affected at this time. If additional spaces are needed, temporarily or permanently, we will provide as much courtesy notice as possible.

Texas Gas Services

Beginning Wednesday, June 6, 2018, Texas Gas Services will be finalizing the gas line work they have been conducting throughout the year. This project will close eight F16 spaces for the duration of construction, which is currently scheduled to conclude June 30, 2018. The closed spaces will be located on the south curb of 24th Street across from the Service Building (SER).

During this time frame, you may park in F26, the Speedway Garage, or the San Jacinto Garage on a space available basis utilizing your F16 permit. To access either of the garages, you will need to scan the barcode on the back of your F16 permit. To do so, pull into the entrance lane slowly and stop when the first machine's screen reads "Access Only".  When this is displayed, place your permit barcode under the scanner. The screen will change to "Waiting" and then to "Proceed", and the gate will go up. For photos of how to scan your permit, please visit and scroll to "Garage Access via Permit Barcode." 


2500 University Pothole Repair 

Beginning Monday Jun 18th parts of University Blvd near Dean Keeton will be closed and traffic restricted. 

Phase 1 will begin June 18th and extend until July 1st.

  • F 15 spaces and ADA spaces south of Blanton Dormitories will be closed for construction.
  • Parking on University between GWB and GEA will also be closed during this time. 

Phase 2 will begin on July 2nd and extend until July 16th.

  • The north end of University will be closed to permit holders and through traffic.
  • Parking on University between GWB and GEA will also be closed during this time.  
  • Permit holders and Traffic can enter university through the 24th street entrance near GRG and GEA.
  • Traffic will temporarily exit on 24th Street and head west towards Guadalupe. 


NOTE: Information about other capital projects on campus is available throughout the year on the capital projects Construction Advisory web site. Visit the Construction Advisory maps page, and scroll down to the Speedway Mall project to see maps of pedestrian and vehicle routes as well as plans for future construction in the area. This website will be updated at key intervals throughout the project.

Last updated on June 14, 2018, 2:39 pm