The UT Shuttle System is one of the largest university shuttle systems in the country, with 10 routes and over 5.2 million passengers annually. The shuttle system provides an easy and cost effective way for students, faculty, staff, and visitors to access the UT campus. UT students, faculty, and staff may ride the shuttles at no charge with a valid UT photo ID.

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Shuttle Route Descriptions

Name Description
CP — Crossing Place Serves Crossing Place north of Riverside Dr. Inbound stops at Red River/north of 15th, MLK/Red River, MLK/Trinity, San Jacinto/south of 21st, and East Mall Fountain. Outbound stops at San Jacinto/21st, MLK/Trinity, and Red River/School of Nursing.
EC — East Campus Circulates between UFCU Disch-Falk Field, the parking lots east of IH-35, and main campus. Stops at Disch-Falk, Red River/MLK, Clyde Littlefield/Red River, Robert Dedman/23rd, and San Jacinto/23rd, San Jacinto/Dean Keeton, Dean Keeton (School of Law), Dean Keeton/east of IH-35, Lafayette/Manor, Comal/Manor.
FW — Far West Serves Woodhollow, North Hills, Hart, and Greystone. Stops on campus at 26th/University.
FA — Forty Acres Circulates traveling clockwise around campus on San Jacinto, 21st, Guadalupe, Dean Keeton, Robert Dedman and 23rd.
IF — Intramural Fields Serves Speedway north of Dean Keeton, 46th, Guadalupe south of 51st, and the Intramural Fields.
LA — Lake Austin Serves university housing at the Brackenridge, Gateway and Colorado Apts., Lake Austin Blvd., 5th and 6th St. west of Lamar Blvd. Stops on campus at 21st/San Jacinto, 21st/Speedway, and 21st/Whitis.
LS — Lake Shore Serves E. Riverside, South Pleasant Valley, Lakeshore Blvd, San Jacinto and 23rd. Serves passengers along E. Riverside, South Pleasant Valley, and Lakeshore. The final destination on campus is 23rd and Trinity.
NR — North Riverside Serves Elmont and Wickersham north of Riverside Dr. Stops on campus at MLK/Red River, MLK/Trinity, 21st/San Jacinto, and East Mall.
RR — Red River Serves Red River (from Dean Keeton to 46th north of campus), 46th/Bennet, and Bennet/45th. On campus this route stops at Robert Dedman/Music Bldg., 23rd/San Jacinto, San Jacinto/Dean Keeton, and Dean Keeton/Law Bldg.
WC — West Campus Circulates traveling counter clockwise, stopping at San Jacinto/23rd, Dean Keeton/Speedway, 27th/Whitis, 26th, San Gabriel, 22nd, and 21st.

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