Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Charge your electric car on campus

Charging Stations for Plug-In Electric Vehicles (PEVs) are available at PRC Lot 202 and the 1st level of the San Antonio Garage.


How to Use Charging Stations on Campus and at PRC

  1. Sign up for a membership with Austin Energy
  2. Follow charging and payment instructions marked on the station.
  3. Do not exceed the four hour time limit when parking at a Charging Station.

Charging Station Payment Options

Charging Stations on campus and at PRC require payment to Austin Energy. The Austin Energy Plug-in EVerywhere™ network subscription plan offers unlimited charging for less than $5 per month at more than 200 Plug-in EVerywhere™ stations at 80 locations.

Sign up to buy a pre-paid Plug-in EVerywhere™ card subscription.

All Plug-in EVerywhere™ stations are powered completely by renewable energy through the GreenChoice program.

The University of Texas at Austin joined Plug-In Austin, a partnership network hosted by Austin Energy to provide more charging stations to the local community. Austin Energy expects one out of every ten cars on Central Texas roads to be PEVs by 2020.

If you intend to use the charging stations and do not have a valid permit for the location, you must pay the parking fees associated with that location.

Charging Station Regulations

In order to ensure proper turnover of the station, charging will be limited to 4 hours. PTS enforcement officers will regularly monitor the parking space to ensure that the station is not utilized for more than 4 hours at a time by a single vehicle. Failure to remove your vehicle within the time limit may result in the issuance of a $35 citation. After three subsequent offenses, PTS has the right to revoke access to the charging station. Parking while not actively charging your vehicle or utilizing the space with a vehicle that does not require charging will result in the issuance of a $75 citation for unauthorized parking.

Once charging has been completed, vehicles should be moved to an appropriate parking lot and/or parking space depending on the type of permit displayed in the vehicle. Please note, the charging station space is reserved for the purpose of charging at all times.