Voyager Card Program

The US Bank, Voyager card is the current, state contracted, retail fuel credit card. It is designed for fuel purchases or emergency vehicle repairs when traveling out of town. The Voyager card is accepted almost anywhere that accepts MasterCard, including most major retail service stations. For security reasons, the card is initially limited to the state of Texas. If you plan to travel out of state, please contact the fleet office at 512-471-4668 in advance, to have the card activated along your route of travel.

Rules and Benefits

Learn more about rules and benefits of a retail fuel card from the Texas Comptroller.

How to Request a Card

To request a commercial fuel card, complete the Request for Commercial Fuel Credit Card (pdf) and scan it to UT Fleet Operations. A Voyager card is tied to one specific vehicle (via license plate), and should only be used for that unique vehicle. For boat /vessel fuel cards, use the Request for Commercial Fuel Card - Boats (pdf). It takes approximately 10 business days to get a card.

Note: Per the state contract, the Voyager Card cannot be used for rental vehicles, or for personal vehicles.


US BANK – Voyager will bill the departments directly on a monthly basis. It is the individual departments’ responsibility to reconcile and pay these bills in a timely fashion to avoid compromising the program. For questions regarding your bill, please contact Voyager Customer Service by emailing or calling 800-987-6591.

Questions, Lost/Stolen Cards

For billing questions, contact Voyager Customer Service by emailing or calling 800-987-6591. This number will also appear on the credit card itself.

To report a lost or stolen card, please call Voyager Customer Service at 800-987-6591, and then notify UT Fleet Operations at 512-471-4668.

Call the Texas DPS number (1-800-525-5555) found on the back of your Texas driver’s license for assistance anywhere in Texas.