The University of Texas at Austin carpool program strongly supports efforts to reduce traffic congestion and curb vehicle pollution in the Austin area. Carpool members are provided numerous incentives to share the commute with a fellow co-worker or student.

Why Carpool?

  • Reserved Carpool Spaces — Reserved carpool parking spaces are available throughout the campus. These reserved spaces are open to all carpoolers pertaining to your permit on a first-come first served basis, on weekdays until 10:00 a.m. Please view the campus parking map for reserved carpool space locations.
  • Reduced Permit Fees — The permit cost is reduced by $50 for each registered UT Austin employee and student carpool rider (excluding the driver) up to the pro-rated cost of the permit at the time of carpool registration. You share any remaining permit cost with your carpool members.
    • Permits paid in full receive a rebate in the form of a check or direct deposit.
    • Permits paid through payroll deduction receive a rebate through an adjustment to the initial cost of the permit.
    • Permits paid through "What I Owe" (WIO) receive a rebate through an adjustment to the initial cost of the permit.
    • Annual Permits paid with cash or WIO Refund will be processed after six (6) consecutive months of being in the carpool.
    • Semester Permits (Garage Permits for students) Refund will be processed after the permit has expired. The carpool must be active during the entire semester in order to receive the refund
  • UT Share Pass — In the event you need to drive your own vehicle to work instead of riding with your registered carpool, a parking space may be provided in one of the university parking garages. Each carpool member receives a UT Share Pass (garage debit card). The UT Share Pass issued to each carpool member will have a balance adjusted to the term of the permit. Share passes issued to carpoolers will be prorated based on the month of application approval. To receive a share pass you must list your own alternate vehicle. If an alternate vehicle is not listed, you opt out of receiving a share pass as one of your benefits. For a breakdown of share pass credits please see the following table:

    Carpool Share Pass Credit - The number values listed in the chart are the maximum number of swipes allotted per share pass.

    Permit Type Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug
    A, AN, C, C+, F, S (annual) 18 16 14 12 12 12 12 10 8 6 2 2
    S (fall) 8 6 4 2                
    S (spring)         8 8 6 4 2      
    S (summer)                   6 4 2
  • Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) — All carpoolers are automatically enrolled in the GRH program, providing a safety net for emergency situations. If you need to leave the University before the carpool is ready because of an emergency a ride can be provided by mass transit or taxi. If you live outside the Capital Metro service area, a ride by taxi will be arranged. Under this program each carpool member will be eligible for up to two cab rides home per semester (or six times per academic year). PTS will pay for up to $49.50 per cab ride, and the rider is responsible for any additional charge and driver gratuity. To arrange a ride, please contact our office at 512-471-7275 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. For other times, please contact the Conference Center Garage at 512-232-8314.
  • Shared Expenses — Participants save money, prolong vehicle maintenance, and reduce gasoline purchases.
  • Relaxation — Carpooling provides time to relax when the driving is shared.
  • Reduced Pollutants — The reduction of vehicles on the highways and roads means fewer pollutants are released into the atmosphere.

Start a carpool — it's easy

Do you already have a carpool and would like to register it with us? Please complete the Register or Renew Carpool Form (pdf).

    Guidelines & Eligibility

    • All members of the carpool must be employed or registered at The University of Texas at Austin. One of the participants must be a University of Texas at Austin employee or student who has a current and valid UT parking permit. All carpool members must reside in the same commute area.
    • The permit issued to the carpool will be the Class of Permit that the holder is currently eligible to purchase. ("A""C""F""S"). Class "O" Permit holders may receive all benefits except the reduction in the parking costs. On campus residents and "R" permit holders are not eligible carpool members. Carpools must park in the lot that they are assigned or eligible. N and N+ permits are not eligible for the carpool program.
    • Membership in Class "F" Permit carpools is restricted to faculty or staff members only. Class "F" Permit carpools will be assigned to a specific "F" lot; however, no specific spaces will be set aside for Class "F" Permit carpools.
    • Only one University parking permit is issued per carpool, and only one of the registered vehicles may be parked in the designated lot at any time.
    • The permit holder and all riders will be connected to the carpool permit and thus not eligible for another permit. Carpool members are ineligible to obtain additional permits of any type (including Class "M" Permits).
    • Motorcycles, motor scooters, and mopeds are excluded from the carpool program.
    • Individuals are only eligible to receive benefits once per academic year.
    • If the permit is returned for a refund, the $50 per member permit discount benefit will be prorated and will be adjusted with the refund based on the usage of the permit.
    • Carpool Participants who choose payroll deduction as their payment method should do so on a post-tax basis in order to facilitate the refund process. Federal Regulations guidelines prevent the university from issuing refunds for permits purchased on pre-tax payroll deductions. To prevent the necessity of a refund, all returned permits must be turned into PTS no later than the 15th of the month prior to departure. Any permit being paid by pre-tax payroll deduction pre-tax turned into PTS after the 15th of the month will have a deduction for the following month. This deduction cannot be refunded.   Participants who choose pre-tax for their payroll deduction, and whose refund is initiated after the payroll deduction documentation has been sent in for processing, will not receive a refund based on the IRS regulations guidelines.
    • A max of four (4) members (including the permit holder) is allowed per group.