Required Reports for Departments with University Fleet Vehicles

The state Office of Vehicle Fleet Management has expressed their need and desire for timely and accurate reporting. Failure to do so could result in fines or confiscation of your department’s vehicle.


In addition to filling out the Vehicle Usage Log (PDF) throughout the day, mileage for each individual vehicle must be recorded weekly and submitted through CARMA.

Outsource Costs

Vehicle maintenance expenses incurred outside of the university automotive shops, must be compiled and submitted through CARMA no later than the 15th of each month.

Accidents Involving University Fleet Vehicles

Accidents must be reported to the Office of the Controller within 24 hours of occurrence. The vehicle custodian is responsible for completing the appropriate report forms and forwarding them according to instructions issued by the Office of the Controller. Because these instructions are updated annually, the vehicle custodian is responsible for following instructions that are in effect at the time of the accident. On an annual basis, the vehicle custodian is responsible for making sure all vehicle operators receive training on the university’s practices and procedures that relate to accidents, accident prevention, behavior at the scene of an accident, supervisory notification and required documentation.

Any vehicle involved in an accident should receive a safety inspection before returning to service. If the vehicle appears safe to drive, drive it to the main campus automotive shop or the Pickle Research Campus automotive shop. If a wrecker is required to transport the vehicle, contact either shop and the staff will make the necessary arrangements. Upon delivery of the vehicle, shop staff will do everything feasible to expedite the safety inspection and any required repairs so the vehicle may be returned to service as rapidly as possible.

Current Fiscal Year (2022-23) Insurance Packet (PDF)