Car Sharing: Zipcar at UT

drive zipcars by the hour or day

Fast. Convenient. Affordable. Environmentally friendly.

With Zipcar on campus, it just got easier to live without a car.

Need a car? Borrow a Zipcar!

Members get:

Limited time offer: New members join for only $25 a year, and receive $35 in driving credit to use in your first month. After your first year, annual renewal fee is $35.

Zipcar Campus Locations

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Location Zipcars
21st and San Jacinto

six cars at this location

LIttlefield Dorm four cars at this location

Members ages 18-20 have access to cars on campus and in Austin. Members 21 and older also have access to Zipcar's network of over 8,000 vehicles across the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom. View other Zipcar locations by address.


rates starting at
special $8.50/hr rate for Ford Focus
rates starting at
special $7.50/hr rate for Ford Focus
Students, faculty, and staff, for personal memberships: Departments, for business memberships:

All Zipcar reservations include gas, insurance, maintenance, and 180 miles per day.

All Vehicles equipped with an FDP permit

About the permit

How to Join

Personal memberships

Students, faculty & staff under 21, to be eligible, you must:

For everyone else, you must:

After you complete the quick online application, a thorough driving record check will be run by Zipcar. Pending approval, you will receive your Zipcard in less than a week and can begin reserving Zipcars and driving right away.

Department memberships

Account administrators:

Department members interested in joining an existing account:

Zipcar Reservations

Once you become a member, you can reserve a Zipcar 6 different ways including online or in your iPhone. At the time of the reservation, a wireless signal is sent to the Zipcar. Just walk up to the reserved car, hold your Zipcard up to the windshield, and the doors and ignition will unlock. Your Zipcard will only open the car you've reserved during the time you reserved it, which means no one else can open your Zipcar during that time. The keys are inside tethered to the dashboard. Gas and insurance are included in the hourly rate. You just need to fill the tank using the Zipcar fuel card inside the car when it gets to ¼ full. When you're done, just return the Zipcar to its reserved parking spot.

Want to see how it's done? Check out this video.

Reserve online

Reserve via iPhone

Reserve by telephone

Car Share Contacts

Phone: PTS Car Share at 512-471-6214  |  Zipcar at 1-866-4ZIPCAR (1-866-494-7227)
Online: Zipcar FAQs | Zipcar on Facebook

PTS Office
Trinity Parking Garage (TRG)
1815 Trinity St. (Map)

Open Monday - Friday
except official university holidays
Cashier Office: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Administrative Office: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Phone: 512-471-PARK (7275)
Fax: 512-232-9405
Twitter: @utaustinparking, @utshuttle, @bikeut