Campus Access

Guard Kiosk

The university has one kiosk station on main campus that serves as a gateway to the Main Building. It is staffed Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

Speedway Pedestrian Mall

Pedestrian Priority

The area from Jester Circle to 23rd Street is the Speedway Pedestrian Mall. As this is a pedestrian priority area, access by vehicles is limited to those who require it to maintain and support the university mission and for emergency purposes. Pedestrians always have priority. Bicycles, skateboards, and carts also have access. Caution should be used for any vehicle entering the Speedway Pedestrian Mall area.


Gates have been installed along 21st and 24th Streets, both east and west of the Speedway Pedestrian Mall, to replace the hydraulic bollards. The gate arms will be kept in the down position. The position of the gates, either raised or lowered, is not an indication of access. Only vehicles that have authorization from PTS may enter or cross the Speedway Pedestrian Mall.

With the transition to gates, emergency vehicles will have access much like they did with the bollards. Emergency responders have transponders on their vehicles that automatically raise the gates when they approach the entrance. 

Access credentials for non-emergency vehicles will continue to work the same and follow the access schedule currently in place.

The intercom is answered 24/7 and should be utilized for emergency access or when your tag or card is malfunctioning.

intercom system on speedway mall

Intercom System

Parking on Speedway

Parking on Speedway Pedestrian Mall is provided in designated areas only (See Map). Parking locations are mixed use for carts and university vehicles or those that have been authorized by PTS and issued a PTS Speedway Permit.

Rules and Regulations

Rules and regulations related to your access must be followed at all times:

The university is not responsible for fire, theft, damage, or loss to vehicles operated on the university campus. No bailment is created by granting any parking or operating privileges regarding a vehicle on any property owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by the university.

Vehicle Access Requests

All requests for access must be sent to by the Director, Chair, or Dean’s Office of a department/college for review. All departments are encouraged to limit their requests for access credentials to essential vehicles only. PTS will work diligently with all departments to ensure that access required for business needs is met while balancing the safety of pedestrians. If the request is approved, you will receive instructions on the next steps. If the request is denied, you will be notified of the decision and why it was denied.

  • Please use the subject line: "Speedway Gate Access"
  • Can be sent via email or campus mail
  • Include justification for access to the Speedway Pedestrian Mall that supports the university's mission
  • Include a list of vehicles with the:
    • Door number
    • License plate
    • Type of vehicle

Approved Requests

  • If the vehicle has a TX tag, send the number to
  • If the vehicle does not have a TX tag, please coordinate via email to have an AVI tag installed and activated by emailing
    • The vehicle must have a windshield
    • The AVI tag will be installed at the Fleet Automotive Shop in FC6.

Access Times

  • The TX/AVI tag will allow access, but access should be limited to essential and emergency operations.
  • Tags are not active during class change from Monday to Friday. See our Gate Access Schedule (PDF) to see details. Gates are active on Saturday and Sunday with no time restrictions.
  • Access may be limited for those vehicles that do not have an issued AVI tag.


Gate Access schedule

Cart / Motorcycle / Moped / Scooter Access:

  • Only university-affiliated carts/motorcycles/mopeds/scooters are authorized to pass beyond the gates.
  • If the cart is able to maneuver through the gates, it does not need to have an AVI tag. If the cart is unable to maneuver between the gates, AVI tags can be issued by following the Vehicle Access Request outlined here.
  • Cart/Motorcycle/Moped/Scooters may not access the Speedway Pedestrian Mall area by using the sidewalks.

Bicycle Access

  • Bicycles may access the area beyond the gates at any time, but must yield to pedestrians in all cases.
  • Bicycles must take care when passing the gates. 


You may continue to schedule deliveries to buildings and events in the area via the Event Parking Request Form. Our event staff will coordinate furniture and equipment deliveries as we have done in the past.

For those that require other business related access, please email [subject line: 21st St Gate Access OTHER].