Section VI: Controlled Access Pedestrian Priority Areas

  1. General: Speedway Mall is a controlled access pedestrian priority area. Governance over parking, traffic, and vehicle access is determined through these regulations and through the Office of the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer or those designated by that office. Limited, authorized vehicle (Definitions: Section III) access is allowed for those issued entry credentials or for official university carts or other designated vehicles through the process outlined in this document. Access is not permitted for non-official university owned and operated motorcycles, mopeds, or motor scooters. The position of the gates, whether down or up, does not indicate or allow access to or through the Speedway Mall area without proper authorization. These regulations pertain to any vehicles that access the mall in any manner.
  2. Pedestrian Priority Area: Speedway Mall is a pedestrian priority area (Definitions: Section III) where all vehicles are required to yield the right of way to pedestrians at all times.
    1. Bicycle, Low-Powered Electricle Bicycles, Scooters, (non-motorized/Razor type) and Electronic Personal Assistive Mobility Devices (EPAMD)
      1. Access through the gates and along the pedestrian mall is allowed.
      2. The entirety of the mall area is pedestrian priority and bicycles must yield to pedestrians.
      3. All traffic control devices and signage are to be followed at all times.
      4. There is no designated bicycle zone or lane.
      5. Bicycle access may be limited or denied based on the needs of the university as deemed necessary.
    2. Motorcycle / Moped / Motor Scooters: Only university-owned and marked motorcycles, mopeds, or motor scooters may pass through the gates, where raised or lowered, or otherwise enter or cross the Speedway Mall without specific authorization from PTS.
    3. Skateboard, Roller skates (inline ane others), and Hover boards: Access is allowed through the gates and along the mall.
  3. Controlled Access: University vehicles or others that are authorized to pass between the gates may be issued credentials that allow them to raise and lower the gates to gain entry to the mall area.
    1. Access Requests
      1. Request for credentials may be made by sending an email to, with:
        1. Department name
        2. Vehicle license plate
        3. Door number
        4. Purpose of access
      2. Access through the Speedway Mall gates is for official business only.
      3. Fees for Speedway gate credentials may be assessed by PTS to users.
    2. Cart Access to Speedway Mall
      1. Cart access is a privilege and not guaranteed for any user regardless of whether their cart will pass between the gates or not.
      2. Access is for university carts (unless otherwise noted) or other carts authorized by PTS.
      3. All rules pertaining to safe operations of carts apply to operation of carts in the Speedway Pedestrian Priority area (see Section V: Campus Cart Operations).
    3. Deliveries on Speedway Mall
      1. To ensure timely deliveries, any delivery should be coordinated with PTS for access through the gates if required.
      2. Any delivery that has not been coordinated with PTS will not be allowed to pass the gates.
    4. Access Times
      1. PTS reserves the right to limit access times for non-emergency service either verbally, in writing, or through the access credential. All users will be made aware of any access limitations by email, signage, and/or web notifications.
      2. All users should limit access to ten (10) minutes prior to and post class changes Monday through Friday. Class times can be found at:
  4. Parking
    1. There is no parking on the Speedway Mall without authorization and permits issued via PTS.
    2. Designated parking areas have been defined in the Speedway Mall area for authorized UT vehicles or others with PTS issued permits only. (See Speedway Pedestrian Mall page)
    3. Parking by unauthorized vehicles may result in citations, towing, or immobilization.
    4. Speedway Mall permits: Only Speedway specific permits are valid for parking within the Speedway Pedestrian Priority area.