Food for Fines

Food for Fines logoMarch 6 - 24

Food for Fines is a program that allows faculty, staff, and students with qualified parking citations to pay them off through donations of cans of soup. All donations will go to the UT Outpost food pantry for students. The program runs from March 6, 2023 through March 24, 2023.


Terms and Conditions

  • Only one eligible citation per person can be dismissed.

  • Must be faculty, staff, or student

  • Eligible citation dismissal is for the citation only. If late fees or collection fees are due, they MUST BE PAID for PTS to accept the donation for citation dismissal.

  • Citations that are already paid are not eligible for refund to participate in the program.

Eligible Donations

  • Only cans of soup are eligible for donation. No substitutions.
  • Soup cans must be sealed, unopened, and not expired.
  • Size: Soup cans must be at least 10 ounces. Multiple, smaller cans cannot be combined to equal 10 ounces.
  • Quantity (cans larger than 10 ounces are acceptable):
    • $15-$35 Citations: FIVE 10-oz cans of soup are required for citation dismissal
    • $36-$75 Citations: SEVEN 10-oz cans of soup are required for citation dismissal
  • A can that is over 10 ounces is still considered ONE can, and the extra ounces cannot be used to count for more cans.

Eligible Citations

Only citations issued between August 17, 2022 and March 5, 2023 will be eligible for dismissal.

Eligible citations must also be one of the following:

$20 04 Parking overtime at a meter
$20 98 Vehicles of any type parked in a university building
$25 11 Two-wheeled vehicle parked in a space designated for four-wheeled vehicles
$25 41 Bicycle or EPAMD parking in a non-designated area
$35 01 Parking without a valid authorized permit
$35 03

Improper method of parking including: 

  • Parked opposite flow of traffic
  • Parking over the designated parking space line
  • Loading/unloading without flashers on
  • Parking over the rear line of a garage space
  • Parking on the wrong level of a garage
$35 05

Parking in violation of set time parameters including in a:

  • surface space
  • metered space (over 2 hours)
  • garage
  • loading zone space
  • electric vehicle charging space
$35 07 Parking or driving on sidewalks, grass, or shrubbery
$35 09 Unauthorized parking in Thompson Conference Center/LBJ Lots
$35 12 Violating temporary parking restrictions
$35 15 Obstruction of vehicle or pedestrian traffic
$35 21 Unauthorized movement of barricade or parking within a barricaded area
$35 97 Improper passenger pick-up or drop-off
$35 95 Idling at air intake louvers
$75 50 Exceeding the speed limit
$75 52 Moving violation not specified

Where to Donate

Donations are processed at any of six staffed garage offices around campus. Hours range from weekdays 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. to 24/7, depending on the garage. See the UT Parking Garages page for details.