Nueces Garage Permits


How do I get a Nueces Garage Permit?

Once your contract is active and your account has been updated to reflect residence at the 2400 Nueces Apartments, the permit will be available for purchase on your parking portal.  The cost is listed on the student parking page,

I no longer need my Nueces Garage Permit. What do I do?

Please contact PTS by email with the request to cancel the permit and include your EID. If a refund is due, PTS will process the refund.

How do I pay for parking at Nueces Garage?

R permits can be paid for with American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa through the PTS website when you are awarded the option to purchase a NUG permit. What I Owe (WIO) will also be an option.

Is there a lottery for a Nueces Garage permit? If so, how do I enter the lottery? When will the lottery occur

No, there is no lottery for the Nueces Garage. Permits are available for purchase by residents of the 2400 Nueces Apartments after their contract is active and the parking portal has been updated.

Can I park my motorcycle/moped/scooter in Nueces Garage?

Yes, there is an area designated for motorcycle parking at 2400 Nueces before the entry gate. For safety reasons, motorcycles, mopeds, and scooters are not allowed to drive past the garage gates/ gate arms.  You will be required to purchase an M permit to park on campus.

For more information about M parking permits visit: