Parking for Vendors and Contractors

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Each day hundreds of vendors and contractors come onto campus to provide services to the university. PTS recognized that vendors and contractors are a critical facet of campus life. However, the university has limited parking facilities to satisfy the parking demand of these visitors and the normal number of staff, faculty, and students. Therefore, it is essential the university have clear and concise policies and procedures to accommodate the vendors and contractors who have business on campus.

Vendors Defined

Types of vendors and contractors that conduct business on The University of Texas at Austin campus include:

Class V Permit

Class V Permits are issued by PTS to a company or corporation that provides services to The University of Texas at Austin. This classification does not include sales representatives, consultants, or contractor. Vendors may park in any university Loading Zone (LZ), Service Area, or Loading Dock (subject to Loading Dock regulations stipulated in SECTION V: PARKING REGULATIONS).  If a surface lot space is used, every effort must be made to complete the service in 30 minutes with the emergency lights flashing and excludes “At All Times” spaces. “ V” Permits are issued to the following groups of vendors:

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the sponsoring university department or agency to make the determination as to the type of services being provided to the university and to notify PTS in writing.

UT Share Pass (garage debit card) - Contractor

The UT Share Pass is a low-cost parking alternative offered to approved UT affiliates for access to park in designated university parking garages. Written approval is required prior to purchase. For approval, please e-mail
Purchases can be made at any university parking garage office during normal business hours. Initial purchase is $20 minimum (no service fees-this is $20 worth of use in the garages). After the initial purchase, the card may be re-charged any amount, $20 or greater. Recharge the card at any university garage office. The card has no expiration date.
A set fee will be deducted from the card balance for each use. Card usage fees are subject to change. Currently, each time the card is used at a garage, $12 will be deducted from your card. The regular daily rate for garage parking is a maximum of $18 per entry, so the debit card offers the opportunity for substantial discounts. *Contractor parking is only offered in Manor Garage (MAG), Trinity Garage (TRG), and Guadalupe Garage (GUG).
The access card in non-refundable, and Parking and Transportation Services will only recharge a replacement card for any unused amount at the time the original access card is reported lost, damaged or stolen. A $10 replacement fee will be charged for any access card that is lost or determined damaged by user negligence.

If you have additional questions about the UT Share Pass, please e-mail us at

For contracts that are currently in existence: PTS will honor existing agreements until they expire. The intent is to prevent new agreements with the vendors and/or service providers from providing free parking on The University of Texas at Austin campus. PTS will work with the University departments to provide current access. The supervising department will identify the vendor and/or contractor access and parking requirements. PTS will issue with temporary permits or daily scratch off permits. Exact parking areas will be coordinated with PTS and the department. If the current contract precludes the vendor from purchasing the parking, it will be provided by PTS.

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