Get to Campus when Shuttles Are Not Running

The university’s shuttles are an indispensable part of campus life, but they don’t run on Saturdays and during certain class intersessions. At these times of no shuttle service, you may take a Capital Metro bus to campus instead.

Shuttle Substitutes

Capital Metro routes feature convenient schedules at more than 3,000 bus stops throughout the area, and you can ride free with your valid UT ID. Use the following chart to figure out what Capital Metro bus to take instead of your regular shuttle.

If you ride this UT Shuttle Try this Capital Metro Route
CP — Crossing Place (Route #670) 20 — Manor/Riverside
EC — East Campus (Route #641) 18 — MLK
FW — Far West (Route #661) 19 — Bull Creek
IF — Intramural Fields (Route #656) 1 — Metric/South Congress
801 — North Lamar/South Congress
LA — Lake Austin (Route #663) 18 — MLK
LS — Lakeshore (Route #672) 20 — Manor/Riverside
NR — North Riverside (Route #671) 20 — Manor/Riverside

Traveling Between Pickle Research (PRC) and Main Campus

Bus Rapid Transit Route 803 provides high frequency service between PRC and main campus.