F Departmental (FDP) Permit

The F Departmental (FDP) Permit is for use by departments to conduct official business throughout campus. The intent of this permit is to provide mobility and flexibility to departments to move around campus. Each department may purchase up to two FDP permits using an IDT (interdepartmental) account. The FDP permit is valid in the following locations:

  • It is valid in any A, C, and UT Vehicle spaces as well as Longhorn Lots.
  • It is valid in F spaces except F 21, F 75 - F 97, F 99, and any spaces marked "AT ALL TIMES". F14 parking is restricted to the Painter Hall service drive for no more than three hours Monday through Friday from 7:30 am until 4 p.m. F15 and F22 parking is limited to 4 p.m.-8 a.m.
  • It is valid in all garages except Conference Center (CCG) and Dobie Center (DCG).
  • It is not valid in D, K, O, OV, "AT ALL TIMES", or meter spaces.
  • It is valid for loading and unloading with vehicle emergency lights flashing for up to 30 minutes in any space except D, F spaces marked "AT ALL TIMES", F 99, O, or meters.
  • The intent of the FDP is to give mobility and flexibility to the campus, therefore please do not use this permit for prolonged or continuous parking in a specific lot.
  • The FDP may not be used by students for the purpose of attending classes or related academic functions (working out at the gym, going to the library, etc.).

Please be aware that departmental permits purchased with university funds are tax exempt and intended only for use while conducting university business. Any use for personal business must be reported to payroll so that the dollar value can be counted as personal income. Abuse can result in immediate cancellation of the permit.


23/24: $902 for the academic year

How To Purchase

To request FDP permit(s), fill out the FDP Permit Request Form. The form must be signed by someone with signature authority for the IDT account noted. Once completed, email a scanned copy of the form to pts-adminrequests@austin.utexas.edu. All outstanding citations must be reconciled prior to the issuance of the permit.