Garage Chaser Tickets (one-use)

Chaser tickets have been replaced by QR chaser codes. You can continue to use the Chaser Ticket Request Form below for QR chaser codes. See the Garage Equipment Upgrades page for more information.

Eligibility: Issued to visitors or event attendees by purchasing departments for single entrance/exit to a garage

Cost: $12 per ticket

How to Purchase: IDT ONLY

  • Fill out the Chaser Ticket Request Form
  • Scan and email the form to
  • Once approved, take the Departmental Validation (Chaser) Ticket Request Form, a copy of your approval email and a photo ID to any staffed garage office to pick up the tickets.

How to Use:

  • Your guest should pull a ticket when entering the garage. They will leave this ticket in their vehicle.
  • You will issue the guest a Chaser Ticket before they leave your building/event.
  • At the garage exit, they will enter the pulled ticket first, then the chaser ticket. The garage gate will raise allowing them to leave.
  • A ticket can only be used for a single exit. If your guest will be coming to campus multiple days, you will need to issue a ticket for each day they are parking.

Expiration: If unused, these tickets do not expire. There are no refunds or exchange for unused Chaser Tickets.

Storage of Tickets: Tickets should be stored at room temperature in a dry location.