Garage Chaser Tickets (one-use)

Eligibility: Issued to visitors or event attendees by purchasing departments for single entrance/exit to a garage

Cost: $12 per ticket

How to Purchase: IDT ONLY

  • Fill out the Chaser┬áTicket Request Form
  • Scan and email the form to
  • Once approved, take the Departmental Validation (Chaser) Ticket Request Form, a copy of your approval email and a photo ID to any staffed garage office to pick up the tickets.

How to Use:

  • Your guest should pull a ticket when entering the garage. They will leave this ticket in their vehicle.
  • You will issue the guest a Chaser Ticket before they leave your building/event.
  • At the garage exit, they will enter the pulled ticket first, then the chaser ticket. The garage gate will raise allowing them to leave.
  • A ticket can only be used for a single exit. If your guest will be coming to campus multiple days, you will need to issue a ticket for each day they are parking.

Expiration: If unused, these tickets do not expire. There are no refunds or exchange for unused Chaser Tickets.

Storage of Tickets: Tickets should be stored at room temperature in a dry location.