UT Share Pass

Garage Debit Card

The UT Share Pass is a low-cost parking alternative for those who just need occasional access to one of the university garages.

The debit card offers the opportunity for substantial discounts from the regular daily rate.

These cards are great for alternative transportation users who may on occasion need to bring a vehicle to campus. They are also perfect for A permit holders on days when you might leave campus for an appointment and then need affordable, convenient, alternative parking upon your return. Anyone with a need to move across campus during the day may find the UT Share Pass offers a convenient low-cost option for parking.

We believe the UT Share Pass offers a great benefit for many university employees. We would like to acknowledge and thank the University Staff Council for participating in the concept and testing of this new service.


Anyone who is eligible to purchase an A permit or certain other approved UT affiliates can purchase the UT Share Pass.


Purchases can be made at any staffed garage office. Initial purchase is $20 minimum (no service fees-this is $20 worth of use in the garages). After the initial purchase, the card may be recharged at a minimum of $10. Recharge the card online or at any staffed garage office. Weekdays (M-F) 8 am -10 pm, recharges may take up to an hour to post to your account. Outside of these hours, recharges will be applied to your account the following business day. The card has no expiration date.

Garage Deduction
Brazos (BRG) $9
Conference Center (CCG) $12
Guadalupe (GUG) $7
Manor (MAG) $5
San Antonio (SAG) $9
San Jacinto (SJG) $9
Speedway (SWG) $9
Trinity (TRG) $5
27th Street (TSG) $9

Using Your UT Share Pass

UT Share Pass holders will receive an access card that will be loaded with pre-paid parking purchased by each individual. These cards will be swiped in the card readers located at the entrances and exits of each garage. You will not pull a ticket, nor will you need to go to the cashier before exiting when you utilize the UT Share Pass. More usage information and general rules and regulations are available at each garage.

Parking is space-available in each garage* and if the CARD USE ONLY signs are illuminated or the lot is otherwise noted as full your UT Share Pass would not work in that location. Remember however, that the UT Share Pass will be active in all garages so if you have a situation where parking is unavailable, you can simply try another location. The UT Share Pass is valid only until the posted closing time at each garage. Parking after the closing time may require the payment of additional fees and/or citations. We also reserve the right to limit the use of the UT Share Pass for some events.


The access card in non-refundable, and Parking and Transportation Services will only recharge a replacement card for any unused amount at the time the original access card is reported lost, damaged or stolen. A $10 replacement fee will be charged for any access card that is lost or determined damaged by user negligence.

If you have additional questions about the UT Share Pass, please email us at garages@utexas.edu.