Section VII: Parking Regulations

  1. General: The SVP/CFO shall cause each area in which parking is permitted by this regulation to be surveyed and developed for parking. Each parking lot or garage shall be defined by appropriate signs and/or painted lines (when the parking area is paved). All spaces are designated, but not every space has a sign. It is the responsibility of the permit holder to park in the authorized area. Most lots are authorized for multiple types of permits. The various classes of parking permits and their eligibility requirements, privileges, and limitations are described in detail in this regulation (Section VIII: Parking Permits).
    1. The absence of sufficient authorized parking spaces on the university campus during a particular period of time will not be considered as valid justification for violation of this regulation. The mere fact that citations are not issued for any offense does not indicate that these regulations have been modified to exclude the offense.
    2. These Parking and Traffic Regulations are in effect at all times on campus. All posted restrictions apply whether or not classes are in session, unless otherwise announced. On official university holidays, only those parking restrictions that regulate parking “At All Times” shall remain in effect.
  2. Police Regulations: Vehicle operation and parking may be prohibited under emergency and/or other law enforcement operational necessities. It shall be prohibited for any person to violate police instructions related to this section. In such circumstances, a citation will be issued for violators.
  3. Parking Permits: The director of Parking and Transportation Services may issue permits to park in lots and areas described in this regulation to employees or students of the university and affiliated organizations operating on the campus upon payment of the appropriate fee. Permits shall be allocated among the faculty, staff, students, and visitors of the university in a manner that will best serve the needs of the university community as a whole. Vehicles must conspicuously display an authorized and current university permit to park on the campus, (as shown by the boundaries on the map accompanying this regulation). A university parking permit is required to park on The University of Texas at Austin campuses from 7:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m., Monday through Friday, and many additional spaces require a university parking permit at all times (Section VIII: Parking Permits).
  4. Parking Facilities: Any person parking a motor vehicle in one of the parking garages, lots, spaces, or areas must display the appropriate permit for that parking facility, unless paying the appropriate fee. Any vehicle parked without displaying a valid permit or paying the appropriate fee is subject to the issuance of a citation, booting, and/or towing. Parking facilities shall be enforced during those hours as specified in this regulation. Parkers may use any other parking facility that is not signed or restricted otherwise after 5:45 p.m. weekdays and on the weekends except as noted in this regulation (i.e., during special events). The director of PTS may provide for subdivision of and for addition or deletion of parking facilities and may change traffic flow patterns as deemed necessary or advisable for the administration or enforcement of this regulation. On occasion, the director of PTS, UTPD’s chief of police, and/or the president of The University of Texas at Austin, may close certain parking facilities for university-sponsored events.
    1. Controlled Access Parking Facilities: The director of PTS may install access control devices such as gates, bollards, or other devices at the entrance and exit of lots, garages, or other areas that can be opened or closed with a PTS issued credential.
      1. In locations where fees are required for parking it is prohibited for vehicles to enter or park in controlled-access lots during the posted hours without paying the appropriate fee or displaying a valid permit for that parking facility. Whether or not a gate is open during the hours of parking is not an indication that an unauthorized vehicle may legally drive through and park in that gated lot.
      2. Where no fee is required for parking, it is prohibited to drive beyond the controlled access point without prior authorization from PTS. Parking in pedestrian priority areas is allowed in designated spaces only or in other areas with the approved credentials issued by PTS.
      3. It is prohibited for any person to deface, damage, tamper with, willfully break, destroy, or impair the usefulness of, or open without lawful authority an entry or exit gate, bollard or any other related equipment.
      4. All access credentials are the property of the university and must be surrendered upon request of parking staff.
      5. Misuse of parking access credentials may result in various penalties (Section IX: Enforcement)
        1. Permit holders may also have their parking cancelled without refund, and any person found to be exiting improperly might also be referred to UTPD and/or the Office of the Dean of Students.
        2. Departments utilizing access credentials or operating vehicles in pedestrian priority areas in a manner that is unsafe or outside of the rules and regulations may have access to areas suspended and/or information sent to Deans, Vice Presidents. Associate Vice Presidents, Directors, or UTPD for further action.
    2. Metered Parking Spaces: The director of PTS may designate metered parking spaces within any parking lot or area on the campus for general use. The director may also specify the length of time for parking in each space. It is prohibited for any person to park a vehicle in metered spaces without activation and/or for longer than the indicated length of time. Parking meters are in use 24 hours per day or as signed.
      1. Parking meters shall be marked so that they can be activated by mobile application, credit or debit Card or US currency accepted by this machine and the United States.
      2. Vehicles parked in metered spaces without the meter being activated by mobile application, credit or debit Card or US currency accepted by this machine shall be subject to the issuance of a citation for each period of one hour that the vehicle occupies the space with an expired meter.
      3. It is prohibited for a vehicle to occupy any portion of a metered space for more than two hours Monday-Friday from 7:30 AM to 5:45 PM, whether or not the meter is activated.
      4. It is prohibited for any person to damage, tamper with, willfully break, destroy, or impair the usefulness of, or open without lawful authority any parking meter installed pursuant to this regulation. It is prohibited for any person to insert into a parking meter any object that is not a credit or debit Card or US currency accepted by this machine and of the United States.
      5. Whenever a meter is discovered to be inoperative, this information must immediately be reported to PTS by calling the Brazos Garage at (512) 471-6126. Unless such a report is made, the vehicle(s) parked at such a meter shall be subject to citation.
        Note: See Persons with Disabilities/Veterans Parking regarding the payment of fees at parking meters.
  5. Manner of Parking:
    1. Vehicles are prohibited from occupying portions of more than one space when the space is defined by painted lines or to park in any portion of the area not clearly designated for parking. Parking wholly within the marked boundaries of the parking space is required at all times. All parking spaces marked with boundaries at the rear of the space are designed for vehicles that can park wholly in that space without extending beyond the marked boundary. Those vehicles parked beyond the boundary will be considered not parked completely in the space and subject to citation.
    2. Four-wheeled vehicles are prohibited from parking facing the opposite flow of traffic when exiting a parking space.
    3. Vehicles are prohibited from double parking.
    4. Vehicles shall not park in a manner that obstructs ADA parking spaces, walkways, driveways, ramps, loading docks, or marked crosswalks and/or that inflicts damage to shrubbery, trees, grass, grounds, or structures.
    5. If there are no painted lines, the vehicle shall park perpendicular to the wheel stop or parallel to the curb.
    6. It is prohibited for any person to park or bring to a halt on campus any vehicle in such a manner as to interfere with normal vehicular or pedestrian traffic.
    7. Other improperly parked vehicles do not constitute an excuse for improper parking.
  6. Parking on Sidewalks, Grass, or Shrubbery: It is prohibited for any person to park a vehicle (including bicycles, moped, motor scooters, etc.) on a sidewalk, walkway, patio, plaza, grass, shrubbery, sign pole, stair railing, other architectural features or any unmarked or unimproved ground area unless such areas are signed and marked for parking.
  7. Fire Lanes/Fire Hydrants: Fire lanes are designated by posted signs and/or yellow or red painted curbs/lines. No person shall park a vehicle (whether disabled or not), or permit it to stand in or block access to any area designated as a fire lane or within 15 feet in either direction of a fire hydrant. Any emergency authorization for use of fire lanes must be obtained through The University of Texas Police Department.
  8. Posted Signs: Posted signs must be honored at all times and take precedence over painted curbs, pavement markings, verbal instructions, and designations shown on the university map. In any parking dispute, the existing sign will prevail in determining if a vehicle is legally parked.
  9. Unpainted Curbs: Parking at unpainted curbs is controlled by area parking signs.
  10. Painted Curbs: Vehicles are prohibited from parking where indicated by red or yellow-painted curbs or yellow-painted pavement markings at all times. Marked UT vehicles and carts only, may park at yellow curbs for up to two hours.
  11. Bus Stops: Sufficient areas shall be set aside for bus stops for the use of any university or public transportation system of the Capital Metropolitan Transportation Agency or The University of Texas at Austin. It is prohibited for a motor vehicle to occupy a bus stop for any reason.
  12. Air Intake Louver Spaces: It is prohibited for a motor vehicle to be parked with its engine running near a building's air intake louver. Vehicles in violation are subject to the issuance of a citation and/or towing.
  13. Barricaded Spaces: It is unlawful to park in a space with a barricade or to remove a barricade.
  14. “At All Times” Spaces: Some spaces are marked “At All Times” and require the designated permit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  15. Loading Zones: Vehicle operators may park in a Loading Zone (LZ) for 30 minutes to load/unload a vehicle; however, the operator must have the vehicle's emergency lights flashing. There are no permits required for LZ spaces. LZ spaces are in effect “At All Times”. Once the loading/unloading process has been completed, the spaces must be vacated and those not obviously in the process of loading or unloading will be cited. Moving a vehicle and re-parking a vehicle in the same area does not extend the original time restriction from the initial parking. University vehicles, commercially marked vehicles, and “V” permits may park in a LZ space without flashers on for up to two hours. Any vehicle occupying a LZ space in excess of the 2-hour time limit will be cited.
  16. Loading Docks (LD): Loading docks are for the express purpose of loading or unloading cargo, materials, supplies, etc. Unmarked vehicles MUST display a valid “V” permit. LD spaces are in effect “At All Times”. Once the loading/unloading process has been completed, the spaces must be vacated and those not obviously in the process of loading or unloading will be cited.
  17. Restricted Loading Docks (RLD): Loading docks at RLM, NMS, and WEL are restricted loading docks that require a loading dock placard from the building supervisor. Spaces are in effect “At All Times” and are for the express purpose of loading or unloading cargo, materials, supplies, etc. Once the loading/unloading process has been completed, the spaces must be vacated and those not obviously in the process of loading or unloading will be cited.
  18. Service Drives: These spaces are for use by any official university vehicle driver, approved vendor, service provider, or contractor with the appropriate permit (class “V”) or logo. The purpose of these spaces is to provide parking adjacent to facilities for functions associated with normal daily operations (Section VIII: Parking Permits).
  19. University Vehicle Spaces: These spaces are reserved for use by university vehicles at all times. Some spaces may be reserved for a specific number university vehicle at all times.
  20. Government Vehicle Spaces: These spaces are reserved for use by government (state, local, federal, ROTC, etc.) vehicles at all times. These spaces are not for university vehicle parking.
  21. Special Access Parking: Parking in Lots 38 and 40 are restricted to the LBJ Library and the Thompson Conference Center (APPENDIX B: CAMPUS MAPS).
  22. Special Event Parking: The director of PTS may cause certain lots, spaces, areas, or garages to be reserved for those attending a special event or specifically authorized persons. Parking alternatives are available for displaced permit holders, based on permit type (Section VIII: Parking Permits).
    1. Any event which impacts parking on the university campus must be coordinated with PTS.
    2. PTS may issue special permits for events to the host department.
    3. Prices for event parking will vary depending on the type and location of the event.
    4. Event signage outlining all parking restrictions and reserved parking areas will be put into place in advance of any university-sponsored event. The director of PTS is authorized to remove and/or have cited, vehicles parked in reserved spaces before athletic or university-sponsored events. On the day of an event, a list of all vehicles removed and/or relocated will be forwarded to UTPD.
    5. The director of PTS may take one or more of the following steps to inform permit holders of special event parking policies:
      1. Information mailed or e-mailed to all permit holders with assigned lots or garages affected by special event parking
      2. Informational signs posted at the entrances to lots reserved for athletic and other special events
      3. Information posted on the PTS Web site
    6. Parking arrangements for chartered buses and large vehicles that will impact traffic must be coordinated with PTS.
  23. Temporary Prohibition of Parking: The director of PTS is authorized to temporarily prohibit parking, stopping, or standing on driveways, streets, alleys, and parking lots on campus; and, by agreement with the City of Austin, on public streets. Temporary signs and/or barriers shall be posted. A representative of PTS or other university official shall give notice of regulations issued under this section. It is prohibited for any person to violate such regulations.
  24. Long-Term Parking: Faculty/Staff parking in surface lots for more than 72 hours must be coordinated through the PTS office to help avoid vehicles being left in areas affected by parking disruptions. Student overnight surface lot parking is in designated areas only. All permit holders should inspect their vehicle and parking every 72 hours for safety reasons and for assurance that event parking restrictions have not been placed on the lot at which the vehicle is parked.
  25. Inclement Weather Parking: If the assigned permit parking facility is inaccessible due to adverse weather conditions (i.e., ice), vehicles are to be parked in any university parking garage. The director of PTS, and/or their designee shall define lot inaccessibility.
  26. Reserved Parking: Parking spaces shall be reserved to meet special needs as they arise. It is prohibited for any unauthorized person to park in a reserved space. The SVP/CFO shall approve reserved spaces for persons or departments. The annual fee for a reserved space shall be equivalent to that of a regular monthly permit, plus an additional fee determined by SVP/CFO.
  27. Persons with Disabilities Parking: A sufficient number of parking spaces shall be reserved in surface lots and garages to meet the needs of persons with disabilities.
    1. ADA spaces are reserved at all times unless otherwise indicated. A person with disabilities plate and/or permit is required in both ADA surface spaces and garage spaces for persons with disabilities at all times. Between the hours of 7:30 am and 5:45 pm, Monday-Friday, a valid UT permit is ALSO required for all non-garage ADA spaces.
    2. Disability license plates, veteran license plates, permits, or placards issued by the State of Texas, as well as disability plates, permits, and placards issued by other states shall be considered appropriate persons with disabilities plate and/or permit.
    3. It is prohibited to park a vehicle in a manner denying access to persons with disabilities' parking spaces.
    4. Persons with disabilities whose vehicles display the appropriate disability license plates, permits, or placards issued by the State of Texas, and disability plates, permits, and placards issued by other states are exempt from the payment of fees at parking meters for the maximum time allotted by the meter.
  28. Veteran Parking
    1. All veterans with disabilities, whose vehicles display the special license plates issued by the Texas Department of Transportation, are exempt from the payment of fees at parking meters or in parking garages on campus and are further exempt from the payment of fees for any university parking permit for which they are otherwise eligible.
    2. All veterans who have been awarded a Silver or Bronze Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, Distinguished Service Medal, Air Force Cross, Distinguished Service Cross, the Army Distinguished Service Cross, the Navy Cross, Soldier’s Medal, Legion of Merit, or Medal of Honor Recipients, Former Prisoners of War, Defense Superior Service Medal, Pearl Harbor Survivors, and Purple Heart Recipients, or World War II Veteran whose vehicle displays license plates issued by the Texas Department of Transportation, are exempt from the payment of fees at parking meters on campus. The recipient or their surviving spouse of the specialty license plate must be an occupant in the vehicle.
    3. All veterans with state issued DV plates may stop at a staffed traffic control kiosk to obtain a temporary DV permit to park in an ADA designated space on the university campus.
  29. Visitor Parking: The University of Texas at Austin welcomes visitors to UT campus. Visitors will be directed to one of the university parking garages. Responsibility for payment of fees will be with the visitor. Only “Official Visitors” may receive permits for parking on campus (Section VIII: Parking Permit).
    The department of PTS may assist in arranging shuttle services for large groups of visitors parking in fringe locations. The department or event coordinator is responsible for coordinating this service with the department of PTS. Payment for this service is the responsibility of the sponsoring entity.
  30. Carpool Parking: Those members of The University of Texas at Austin community who register a carpool with the university receive a discount on their parking permit and other benefits. The parking facility assignment is based on the type of permit associated with the carpool and is generally not limited to a specific area. However, specific carpool spaces may be established in class “A” and “C” lots by the director for class “A” or “C” permits with three or more carpool members. (Section VIII: Parking Permits)
  31. Vehicle-Size Restricted Parking: Some parking spaces shall be marked for specific vehicles and/or permit types. These include, but are not limited to: compact vehicles and vans. It is prohibited to park in these specifically marked spaces with a vehicle that does not meet the specifications of the sign governing that space. The Director of PTS, and/or their designee shall define vehicle sizing.
  32. Emergency Vehicle Parking: Emergency vehicles are exempt from the provisions of this regulation when being operated in response to an emergency situation.
  33. University Vehicle Parking: University vehicles may park in any regular non-gated space EXCEPT metered spaces, “K”, “F99”, “O”, ADA, Carpool, Vanpool, and all other spaces signed “At All Times”. Parking in any regular space for more than 72 hours is prohibited without specific approval. A violation of this section by a university vehicle shall result in the issuance of a citation, immobilization by booting, and/or towing. University vehicles are not exempt from meter regulations and fees.
  34. Trailers, Recreational, or Mobile Home Vehicle Parking: Trailers, recreational or mobile home vehicles are prohibited from parking on campus unless coordinated and approved by PTS.
  35. Motorcycle/Moped/Motor Scooter Parking: Motorcycle, moped, and motor scooter operators are required to purchase and display a university class “M” permit to park on campus.
    1. Motorcycles, mopeds, and motor scooters may only park in designated motorcycle parking areas from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Operators of these vehicle types may park in surface lot automobile spaces after permit restrictions have lifted as indicated by signs; they may not park at any time in a parking garage.
    2. Class “M” permit areas are restricted to motorcycle/moped/motor scooter parking only at all times, and a university permit is required as signed.
    3. Motorcycles/mopeds/motor scooters shall park perpendicular to the curb.
    4. Visitors on motorcycles/mopeds/motor scooters shall go to a traffic control kiosk for temporary parking.
      NOTE: Persons with disabilities on motorcycles or mopeds may enter campus and park in ADA spaces. Placard or plate must be displayed with a valid UT permit.
  36. Bicycle and Low-Powered Electrical Bicycle Parking: Bicycles shall be parked in accordance with this regulation, and state and local fire/safety regulations. Employees, students, and visitors of the university are required to display a PTS bicycle permit on their bicycle. Failure to follow bicycle regulations may result in warning notification, impoundment, citation, and/or immobilization (booting).
    1. Bicycle parking is available throughout campus and is designated by the presence of bicycle racks, lockers, or specifically marked bicycle parking areas. Bicycles shall ONLY be parked or stored at designated bicycle parking areas at all times UNLESS in a university building with the written permission of the building supervisor or department chair.
    2. Bicycles parked or otherwise secured in unauthorized places in violation of this regulation are subject to citation and/or impoundment. It is lawful for the university to remove locking devices in order to impound a bicycle. The university is not responsible for damage done to security devices or the bicycle during the removal of locks or impoundment.
    3. Bicycle parking facilities at or near university residence halls may be used for lengthy storage. Bicycles that are parked for more than 30 days at non-residential facilities may be removed. PTS will attach notification of the university's intent to remove bicycles for non-use.
    4. Bicycles or EPAMDs that remain stored for more than five days after the closure of university housing will be considered abandoned and shall be deemed university property for disposal purposes.
    5. The director of PTS may impound at the owner/rider's expense, any bicycle that is considered abandoned, lost/stolen, parked/stored, or operated in violation of this regulation or state or local fire safety regulations. Unlocked bicycles will be considered abandoned and can be impounded.
  37. Vanpool Parking: University-sponsored vanpools may have designated parking spaces in specific university parking facilities that are restricted as signed.
  38. Disabled Vehicles: It is prohibited to leave a disabled vehicle parked in violation of these regulations without immediately notifying PTS at (512) 471-6126 or at (512) 471-7275. If the vehicle is obstructing traffic or creating a hazard, it must be removed immediately. A PEA will either render assistance or authorize temporary parking. Temporary parking of disabled vehicles shall not exceed 24 hours and must not create any obstruction or hazard.
  39. Abandoned Vehicles: Any vehicle that is partially dismantled or wrecked, does not display a current license plate or permit, or does not appear to be operable; and is left in such condition for more than 48 hours, shall be considered abandoned and impounded at owner’s expense. The 48-hour stipulation does not apply to unlocked bicycles.
    Notice of pending impoundment shall be posted prominently on the vehicle on the driver's side of the front window, on the rear windshield, on the driver's side window, or on the bicycle frame depending on the type of vehicle.
  40. Inhabitation of Vehicles: No one may inhabit a vehicle of any kind (cars, trailers, campers, motor homes, trucks, buses, or other vehicles) on the university campus (streets, parking lots, garages, and other areas) except as approved by the director of Parking and Transportation Services. Violators may be cited for improper habitation/parking and the vehicles may be towed.