Section X: Driving & Parking Offenses

SectionViolation DescriptionPenalty
VIIUnauthorized parking in an “AT ALL TIMES” space$75
VIIImproper method of parking$35
VIIDisabled vehicle**$75
VIIUnauthorized special event parking$75
VIIParking overtime at a meter$20
VIIImproper use of a controlled access area or a key card$75
VIIUnauthorized parking in a space designated for persons with disabilities$200*
VIIMoped/motorcycle/motor scooter parked in a space designated for four-wheeled vehicles$25
VIIBicycle parking in areas other than those designated for bicycles**$25*
VIIViolating temporary parking restrictions$35
VIIParked in violation of set time parameters$35
VIIIdling at air intake louvers**$35
VIIDamage to PTS property$100+ cost
VIIIThe unauthorized sale, distribution, possession, counterfeiting, or alteration of a university parking permit and/or the possession of an illegally purchased, distributed, counterfeited, or altered permit (plus cost of the permit)$250 + permit cost*†
VIUnauthorized Parking on Speedway Pedestrian Mall$75
VIUnauthorized Entry into Speedway Pedestrian Mall$100
IVObstruction to vehicular or pedestrian traffic**$35
VIIParking at a fire lane, fire hydrant, red, yellow or orange-curb**$75
VIIParking or driving on sidewalks, grass or shrubbery (plus the actual cost of repairs)$35 + cost
IVImproper passenger pick-up and drop-off$35
IVExceeding 15 miles per hour speed limit or other posted speed limits on campus$75
IVViolation of an official traffic control device (e.g. “Stop” or “Yield” sign)$75
IVMoving violation of the Texas Motor Vehicle Laws not otherwise specified in these regulations$75
VIIMoving a barricade or parking within any barricaded area or moving a vehicle without permission of owner/operator**$35
IVFailure to stop and heed instructions given by a university police officer or guard$75
VIIOther non-moving violation of Texas Motor Vehicle Laws$75
IXParking or operating a motor vehicle while privileges are suspended**$200*
IVHaving a vehicle of any type within a university building (except parking facilities)$20
VII, VIIIParking without authorized valid permit$35
VIIUnauthorized parking in Thompson Conference Center/ LBJ lots$35
VIIImproper exit from a university parking garage (plus maximum daily fee due)$75 + fee*
IXTheft of property or damaging property by either unauthorized boot removal or tampering/attempted removal of the boot (plus replacement cost of damaged property)$125 + cost
VIIUnregistered bicycle$15
VIIOperation of a non-registered commercial scooter or dockless commercial bicycle on The University of Texas campus$35
VIIInhabiting a vehicle of any kind on university property without authorization$75
IXVehicle relocation and/or towing$125
IVReckless Operation of a Vehicle$75
VIIScooter Impound: violation of scooter parking regulations related to a university event, parking in a manner that obstructs ADA access or parking, doorways, ramps and stairways, and on Speedway Mall and the Main Mall$150

NOTE: PTS reserves the right to refer any violators to the Dean of Students or Departmental Dean or Director.

*Penalty doubles upon second offense and all subsequent violations are subject to immobilization or impound.

** Offense subject to citation and vehicle impound.

† All relevant and currently outstanding fines and fees must be paid prior to the release of the boot.


Automobile Boot Fee: $100

Bicycle Impound Fee: $25

Commercial Scooter and Dockless Commercial Bicycle Impound Fee: $150 + $25/day storage fee