Bike Storage (Lockers & Racks)

Bike Lockers

No longer need your bike locker during the university's online model? See Bicycle Information For University's Online Model about how to return the key and get a prorated reimbursement.

Bike lockers are available for rent at each of the seven university parking garages. High security Cycle-Safe® bike lockers offer individual covered bike parking with key access. They are ideal for overnight parking, long-term storage, additional security, and for those commuters who just don't like lugging around their U-Locks. E-mail to inquire about the lockers. The lockers will be rented at a cost of $75 a year in addition to a $75 fully refundable key deposit. Locker keys must be returned or renewed to receive your key deposit back. Like other PTS permits the cost is pro-rated on a daily basis, but if you are returning a key early then a $5 processing fee does apply

  • PRD cannot be used as a form of payment

Bike Racks

Bikes may only be parked on bike racks on campus. In addition to greater security, parking your bike at a rack keeps it out of walkways and wheelchair-accessible areas. Bikes not parked on racks are subject to impound, fines, or booting.

East Campus Garage Bicycle Storage Facility

The East Campus Garage provides a secure indoor bicycle storage facility located on the lower level of the garage. Utilizing CORA bicycle racks, the new facility has secure space for 160 bicycles and comes equipped with a water fountain, central AC, DURO tool station and air pump.



How to secure a bicycle parking space

If you are interested in securing a bicycle storage space please fill out the following form

All requests will take up to 48 hours to complete. Once your request is processed, you will receive an email confirmation with further information on how and when to access the area.


  • Pricing
  • Rental of bicycle storage space is $60.00 per parking permit year (August-May) and is prorated daily
  • Rental of bicycle storage space is $30.00 for summer storage (June-August) and is not prorated
  • Rental of bicycle storage space is $30.00 for winter intersession storage (November-January) 
  • ECG permit holder-Rental of bicycle storage space is $0
  • Fees must be paid in full at the time of purchase

For more information please visit us on our website.


Guidelines & Eligibility

  • Only one space per person at all times 
  • Space is limited to 160 guests
  • All guests who purchase a permit to utilize the space must be affiliated with the University as an active faculty, staff, or student
  • All guests must have a registered bicycle listed on their parking profile with their bicycle permit prominently displayed
  • 24/7 access to the space using your valid UT ID card
  • ECG permit holders are provided free access to the space as long as the permit holder registers for a space
  • Guests must remove their bicycle by midnight one after their permit expires if not sooner. Those who do not will have their bicycle impounded and future access revoked. A $25 impound fee will be applied to all guests who do not remove their bicycles
  • No other items can be left in the space other than a bicycle.
  • All bikes must be locked while in the bike room. Bike locks are not provided with access to the bike room. We strongly advise the use of both a U-lock and support cable. UT and PTS is not responsible for any damaged, lost or stolen items within the storage area


Email or call 512-471-5891