Locking Your Bike

How to Double-Lock Your Bike

The number one thing you can do to prevent your bike from being stolen is to buy a quality lock. Each year nearly 90% of stolen bikes on campus either don’t use a U-lock or are improperly locked. UTPD recommends a U-lock, which uses a flat key, and a separate self-locking cable. First, lock your frame and your front tire to the bike rack using the U-lock. Then, use the secondary cable to connect your back tire to the frame and if possible to the rack itself.

If you are really concerned about quick release components on your bike like your seat then buy a locking system for that as well or take it off and bring it with you. If you are parking your bike on campus overnight, make sure you park in a well lit area that is easily seen.

Over school breaks, PTS recommends that students take their bikes with them or store them inside at a secure location like a friend’s house. No one wants to come back from break only to see their bicycle is gone.

The permit number that is attached to your bike serves as a theft deterrent and makes it easier to contact the owner to avoid things like impoundment if improperly locked or locked to a rack that will be replaced.

The more bikes that are registered, the stronger the voice of the cycling community.