Faculty/Staff fall parking permit renewals, purchases and deadlines

UT Austin Faculty and Staff, 

Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) has been working through details for fall parking, as we understand that many of our colleagues are making plans for August and beyond.

As outlined in our June 17 message, all university garages require either an active permit or payment when exiting, and parking meters are active. All other parking such as surface lots requires a permit. Active permits or payments will continue to be required in the fall for anyone parking on campus. 

If You Need a Permit This Fall

Active summer permits expire August 18, 2020. You cannot park on campus or access a garage using your summer permit beyond this date until you renew.


For those who had a permit as of March 13, 2020, we will be sending out emails to renew your permits as follows:

  • F01-F05 (Brazos Garage, Manor Garage, San Antonio Garage, San Jacinto Garage, 27th Street Garage): July 23
  • F06-F09, F0W-F0Z (Conference Center Garage, East Campus Garage, Guadalupe Garage, Health Center Garage, Rowling Hall Garage, Speedway Garage, Trinity Garage): July 27  
  • F11-F99: July 29
  • A, AN, AN+, D, D+, M, N, and N+: August 10

You have the option not to renew your permit to maintain a space in a lot or garage for the fall semester. If you choose not to renew at this time, you will still be able to renew for the spring. 

F permit holders: You must renew your permit by August 17 for the fall.

All other faculty/staff permit types: You do not have a renewal deadline and can purchase a permit at any time for a pro-rated price. 

Permit holders who miss the renewal deadline can email parking@utexas.edu for information on how to renew.


If you did not have a permit as of March 13, 2020 and you will need one for the fall, eligible faculty and staff can purchase A, AN, AN+, D, D+, M, N, and N+ as well as available F garage permits online through My Parking Profile beginning on August 10. 

Most F permits are waitlisted. If you are interested in getting a permit for a waitlisted location, see the F Permit Waitlist page for information. 

If You Only Have an Occasional Need for Campus Parking 

If you will only be parking on campus occasionally this fall, you may find you do not need a permit. You can use the Parking Perks Debit Program for low-cost occasional garage parking. You can also park in a garage at a rate based on the amount of time parked.  

The information in this email is also available on the PTS website at https://parking.utexas.edu/renew.

Permit information is also being emailed to students and is available to them on the PTS website as well.

Thank you, 
Parking and Transportation Services 

July 22, 2020