Bike Sharing (MetroBike)

MetroBike offers a convenient option for bicyclists to get around campus and the city without having to buy or maintain their own bicycle. Members can just borrow a MetroBike when they need it. Stations are set up throughout campus and the city, and students, faculty, and staff get membership at a heavily discounted rate!

Membership Info 

Membership Signup

  • Annual membership allows unlimited 60-minute rides, and access to any of the 75 MetroBike stations and 700 bikes.  
  • Because of the university's partnership with MetroBike, all students, faculty, and staff have access to reduced price of only $12 annually. That's a significant discount on the typical full-access annual membership of $86.
  • The signup process is simple: once a student or staff member fills out the University of Texas at Austin Bike Share form, they are sent a promo code, which reduces the price of Local365 annual membership from $86 to $12.  


MetroBike Station Locations

  • There 7 MetroBike stations on or near main campus, with an additional 4 stations spread across the west campus area. 
  • MetroBike stations are also set up across the surrounding area of campus and Austin’s Downtown district. 

Bicycle Types

  • 500 "acoustic" bikes
  • 200 electric bikes
  • Plans to add even more electric bikes in the future!