Employees Leaving the University

Permit Refunds

Permits paid in full or permits paid by payroll deduction on a post-tax basis are refundable for any unused fully paid months. In order to claim a refund, the permit must be returned to the PTS office or garage location. When permits are returned and a refund is due, a refund form will be filled out by the permit holder. All refunds owed to a customer will first go to pay outstanding citations or fines and then be issued through the university bursar system. Customers with direct deposit established with the university will receive payment via direct deposit and others will receive a check four to six weeks after submission.

Federal Regulations prevent the university from issuing refunds for permits purchased on pre-tax payroll deductions. To prevent the necessity of a refund, all permits must be turned into PTS no later than the 15th of the month prior to departure. Any permit being paid by payroll deduction pre-tax turned into PTS after the 15th of the month will have a deduction for the following month. This deduction cannot be refunded.

Permits are Non-Transferable

If an employee separates from the university, all permits assigned to that employee remain the property of the university. A permit cannot be traded, sold, or given to another employee or student for use. Permits not returned to PTS after employee separation will be marked as lost/stolen in our system. If a lost/stolen permit is found on campus, the vehicle displaying the permit is subject to immobilization (booting) and will be issued citations and fines associated with that lost permit. Fines include a $150 lost/stolen permit fee, $100 boot fee, a fee equal to the face value of the permit, plus any other citations or fines associated with that vehicle and/or customer. These fines and fees must be paid before the immobilization device will be removed.

Retiree Permits

Employees retiring from the university and returning on a reduced schedule basis are not eligible for the retired permit rate. If you will be receiving compensation from the university, then you are considered an active employee and must pay employee prices for permits. If you are retiring and will not be receiving monthly compensation from the university and will not take on another official university status such as student, you are eligible to retain your current permit at a reduced cost (with the exception of O and F98 Permits).

Retired faculty or staff will be charged 50% of the permit fees, provided that they have no other university appointment for compensation or are not registered for more than three class hours or classified as a student. If the employee’s permit is to be retained after retirement, it must be purchased no later than six months after the date of retirement. Retired employees wishing to take advantage of this option should contact the main PTS office or the garage office where they park.

Retired employees are not eligible to wait list for permits, but all employees remain eligible for “A” permits or non-wait listed garage permits at any time after they retire.

Parking Perks

Parking perks passes (for reduced fee garage parking) with remaining balances are not refundable or transferable but will remain active and can continue to be used by retired employees.