Short-Term Parking

If you need quick access to buildings around campus to load or unload something, there are several options.

Parking Meters

There are seven metered parking areas at convenient locations throughout main campus. You may park up to 2 hours purchasable for $1 per 15 minute increments Monday thru Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:45 p.m. If more time is needed, please park in a garage. Parking at the university meters after hours and on the weekends continues to be available for $1 per hour.

Meters require payment activation 24/7. Meters may not be used as loading zones with emergency lights flashing.

Persons showing a valid disabled hangtag or license plate may park at the meter at no charge for the maximum time allowed by the meter.

To report a meter as malfunctioning, please call Brazos Garage at 512-471-6126. Personnel will be sent to repair and/or verify the meter. Calls are logged for reference. You will need the meter number and your vehicle license plate. Should you receive a citation at a meter after reporting it as malfunctioning, you can appeal the citation. If it is verified as malfunctioning, you are logged as reporting it, and you are parked at the meter for no more than 2 hours, the citation will be dismissed.

Warning: if you are parked at a malfunctioning meter for more than 2 hours, you will be issued a citation for parking over time at a meter.

Loading Zones

You can park in any Loading Zone (LZ) space throughout campus for up to 30 minutes with your emergency lights flashing. These spaces have signs indicating they are loading zones. They do not require a permit but time restrictions as well as the use of emergency lights are strictly enforced 24/7. Be aware that moving a vehicle and re-parking it in the same area does not extend the original time restriction from the initial parking.