Faculty/Staff Permit Renewal & Purchase Instructions

2023-2024 Faculty/Staff Permit Renewal Dates

Renewals OpenPermitsLocationsRenewal Deadline
July 11F01, F02, F03, F04Brazos Garage (BRG), San Antonio Garage (SAG), San Jacinto Garage (SJG), 27th Street Garage (TSG)August 15
July 18F06, F09, F0Q, F0WConference Center Garage, Nueces Garage, Rowling Hall Garage, Speedway GarageAugust 15
July 25F11-F13, F15-F99Lots 11-13Lots 15-99August 15
August 1F05, F07, F08, F0Y, F0ZEast Campus Garage (ECG), Guadalupe Garage (GUG), Health Center Garage (HCG), Manor Garage (MAG), Trinity Garage (TRG)ongoing
August 1A, AN, AN+, D, D+, M, N, N+A: A lots/spaces

AN: surface spaces for eligible evening shift employees

AN+: surface spaces and garages for eligible evening shift employees

D: garage ADA spaces and D surface spaces

D+: garage ADA spaces, and D and D+ surface spaces

M: M spaces

N: evening/weekend surface spaces

N+: evening/weekend surface and garage
  • If your location is waitlisted and you are trying to renew after August 15, please email or renew in person.
  • If you miss the renewal deadline for a location that is not waitlisted (see permit table under "How to purchase"), you can still purchase the permit online after the deadline.

Permit Selection

Permits can be purchased and renewed online through My Parking Profile. To select the permit you want to purchase or renew:

  1. Select the Cars section/tab.
  2. Scroll down to Future Year Permits.
  3. Select the permit to purchase/renew by clicking the Buy [permit type] button. Please be aware that multiple permits will appear. Verify you selected the correct permit before completing purchase.

There is no permit to display (unless you are an O, F05, F07, F14, F21, F97, F98, or F99 permit holder). Your license plate registration will be used to determine permit status.

If your permit includes garage access, you will be able to obtain your FY 24-25 QR code starting August 13. The new permit becomes valid on August 21, 2024.

M Permit Renewals

If you have an M permit (motorcycle/moped) in addition to an A, AN, AN+, D, D+, F, or O car permit, please renew your car permit first. Once your car permit has been renewed, your M permit can be renewed at no cost beginning August 1.

O, F05, F07, F14, F21, F97, F98, and F99 Renewals

Your permit will be mailed to you. To ensure it is mailed to the correct address, go to My Parking Profile:

  1. Select the Profile section/tab.
  2. Under the Addresses section, make sure the address you would like your permit mailed to is listed as the primary. You will need to be able to receive your permit at this address in mid-August.
  3. If the address you want is not listed, you can update your addresses through Personal Information in Workday. Address updates take 24-48 hours to appear on your parking profile, so be sure to make them as soon as possible.

After completing your purchase/renewal, you should receive your new permit at the address of your choice in mid-August. The new permit becomes valid on August 21, 2024.

Vehicle Registration

To check your license plate registrations through My Parking Profile:

  1. Select the orange Parking Portal
  2. Log onto the new site
  3. Select VEHICLES from the top menu.
  4. Add, Edit or remove the car (or motorcycle, or bicycle) as necessary.
  5. To add a car (or motorcycle, or bicycle), select Add Vehicle, Add Motorcycle/Moped, or Add Bicycle/eScooter button.

You may register up to three vehicles, but only one registered plate can be parked on campus at any given time. You must associate your vehicle plate to your permit. Failure to register and associate your plate to your permit may result in citations.

If You Have Citations

You will not be able to renew your permit until all outstanding citations are paid. You can access citations attached to your record as well as pay for them through My Parking Profile.

Waitlisting for a New Location

If you wish to park in a different location, renew your current permit and then enter the waitlist for the desired location. Click on the Waitlist section/tab in My Parking Profile, where you can manage your selections or view your current waitlist status. You may waitlist for up to two locations at a time. For additional waitlist information, see the F Permit Waitlist page.


If you have a university appointment that includes any amount of financial compensation, you do not qualify for the retiree permit rate. Retirees who qualify can renew online at the retiree rate. If we do not have your retirement documentation and you are still showing the full rate, email parking@utexas.edu with your name, EID and retirement status.